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You're a food-loving, people-pleasing, overworked, stress-bomb who's (finally!) decided that she's fed up and DONE with feeling like crap.      

No more feeling drained and depleted or relying on coffee to feel alive. It's time to make the shift and bring back your upbeat, gorgeous, radiant self. 

There's just one thing: You're not quite sure how to make the shift. You know that eating clean and being active will make you feel better and all, but deep in your core, you know that the change you're craving is beyond food. 

Step one: Take a deep belly breath, hold, and slowly breathe out. Step two: Give yourself a big hug and keep reading. You're exactly where you need to be. 

Introducing Your 21-Day Life Detox Solution: An exclusive online program for women who want their energy back and to feel radiant in their body -but, truthfully, are frustrated out of their mind with overwhelm about how to make it happen.

I'm Chelsey Marie, your professionally trained health coach, and I'm going to show you exactly how to structure your life so you have unlimited energy and absolutely LOVE the way you feel in your body -without deprivation or being a slave to the gym.

I understand your frustration -I've been there.

At one point I was completely burnt out. I had severe puffiness under my eyes from adrenal burnout and was sleeping 12 hours a day, which always left me feeling like I needed another ten. My health was seriously struggling and my entire world was a hot mess. I had never felt so alone and so far from the bubbly, enthusiastic girl I naturally was. When I realized how far off track my life was I knew something needed to change, even though it felt like there was absolutely no way out.  

Except there's always a way out.  

I started by incorporating just a few healthy habits into my morning routine which immediately gave me more energy and cleared up the puffiness under my eyes. As I started to look and feel better my motivation increased and lead me to incorporate a few more healthy habits into my daily routine. Friends who hadn't seen me in a while were shocked at how different I looked and would ask me which supplements I had been taking. My hair was shiny, luscious and even grew a few inches. Prior to that my hair was fried, dull with major breakage. I was tucking my shirt into my pants for the first time in forever! Thanks to healthy habit #8 & #9. Above all, I was so smiley and upbeat. All of which was foreign to everyone cause I had been so moody for so long.

These healthy habits brought back so much more than my energy, a svelte waistline, and a glowing complexion. They completely transformed my life and that is my intention for you.

You do not have to settle and stay stuck in misery. You CAN feel amazing in your body, have a life fueled by good health (not by coffee), and have it all feel effortless.

Who is Detox Your Life For?

If you’re ready for a change and wanting to incorporate new healthy habits that make you look radiant and feel healthier than ever, then Detox Your Life is for you.

Who is Detox Your Life not for?

Detox Your Life is based on 10 healthy habits that will upgrade your health and life. So, if you're not wanting to try new things and incorporate new habits, Detox Your Life is not for you. This program requires the willingness to try new foods, incorporate new habits, being open to change and new concepts. This program is also not about catering to a busy life, but rather creating space in your everyday practice to allow room for growth.

As a student of Detox Your Life you will:

  • De-clutter your life of foods, thoughts, habits, beliefs, and relationships that weigh you down and drain your energy. 
  • Re-design your environment/life to fuel the healthy habits and changes that you crave. 
  • Integrate 10 healthy habits that will: 
    • Give more energy than you’ve had in forever! 
    • Nourish your skin and make your complexion glow 
    • Give you better quality sleep and have you waking up feeling refreshed 
    • Leave you feeling amazing in your body 
    • Have you feeling healthier than ever  

How It Works:

  • Even though this is a 21-day program, you'll have access to all the exclusive material from the get-go. You can start immediately and work at your own pace. The material is yours forever and can be repeated as many times. 
  • There’s a community of like-minded women waiting for you in the private Facebook group! You’re not alone on this journey, you'll have all the support you need. 
  • Your course material is delivered in PDF format as well as video and audio to suit your best learning skills. I've also created fun worksheets and checklists to help keep you moving forward. 
  • All the content is delivered to you online in your back office and can be accessed 24/7.

 Here's a sneak peek.

Week 1) Creating Your Life By Design

  • Learn how to tap into your subconscious mind and get clear about which limiting beliefs and thoughts are holding you back from making the changes you say you want but don’t always follow through with. 
  • Discover how to activate your RAS (reticular activating system) in your brain to successfully create the healthy changes that you’re craving 
  • Master the one food group essential to cleansing your body of toxins that cause weight gain, brain fog, and accelerated aging 
  • Learn how to use essentials oils to calm your nervous system and provide your body with restorative sleep for deep healing 
  • Enjoy 7 quick and easy breakfast recipes that will give you more energy and set your day up for success.

Week 2) Organize Your Life In a Way That Supports Your Body & Lifestyle Goals -So You Don't Go Bonkers, Burnout, or Give-Up.  

  • Declutter your world to create a MASSIVE shift. It's easy to add more to our life, but when it comes time to letting go and making changes, we resist and make it hard on our self. Decluttering your space will not only transform your space into a sanctuary but more importantly, it's going to flex your letting go muscle. The more space you create, the more room your new healthy habits will have to grow into. You're going to feel a thousand times lighter and get crystal clear about what's deserving of being in your space, diet, and life.
  • Redesign your environment to fuel your healthy habits. Your environment heavily influences your daily habits and your daily habits equate to the life that you’re living. I’m going to teach you how to redesign your environment so your healthy habits feel effortless.
  • Learn how to eat for unlimited energy, a radiant complexion and so that every cell in your body is bathing in rich nutrients.
  • How to structure each meal in order to reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, and weight.
  • Learn which foods are essential to supporting your body in releasing toxins.
  • How to use essentials oils to rid your body and household of toxins.
  • 7 slimming lunch recipes that will have you feeling fabulous in your jeans all-day-long

Week 3) Amplify Your Mindset & Diet To Work For You, Not Against You (Hallelujah!)

  • Discover how the words you tell yourself are either serving you to grow or holding you back from creating progress. To be successful in any area of life; health, happiness, love or business, it requires good communication with yourself. I'm going to teach you how can you instantly start shifting your mindset to work for you -not against you.
  • How to transform each meal into a mega dose of nutrition.
  • How to eat healthy on the go (BONUS!)
  • Essential foods to always have on hand (BONUS!)
  • The truth about supplements and essential oils. What to avoid and how to properly benefit from them.
  •  Master the 3 healthy habits that will keep you on track no matter how stressful, hectic or overwhelming life gets 
  •  7 beauty nourishing supper recipes that your taste buds will absolutely love

Chelsey Marie's 21 Day Detox Your Life was just what I needed.  As a busy mom to 3 kids, including a newborn, I was tired, worn out and caught in a cycle of drinking coffee and eating junk food, trying to get some energy.  I knew that the choices I was making were just worsening the situation, but I didn't have the energy to make a change. Chelsey's loving and supportive way helped me make easy doable small changes over time.  And as I started to implement her suggestions, it got easier and easier.  I was able to improve my health, energy, and outlook on life without giving up my precious coffee!  Now I feel better, I have lost some weight, and my energy has definitely improved! I highly recommend Chelsey to anyone who wants a kind, loving encouragement to make doable changes in their lives.  Her support is so valuable!

~Meaghan Alton/ Business Growth Strategies/ Kelowna B-C

"Chelsey changed the way I see the world around me. She guided me through a path and gave me the tools I needed to bring back passion into my life. I feel powerful and beautiful. I am forever grateful."

~Anne-Sarah/ Kelowna B-C

I saw great results in my body and felt amazing! Not only did I lose a few pounds, but also my energy level was unbelievable! I work two jobs and find it difficult to sometimes meet the daily nutrition my body needs, the smoothies were fast and filling and kept me going strong! Even my skin & hair felt so much healthier, I was surprised by the results just a few ingredients in a blender can make! The very effective 10-15 min workout routines provided were an easy fit into my already busy daily routine without a problem. Even though the challenge is over, I have continued to drink smoothies every morning and lots of water and I have never felt better! Thank you, Chelsey! From one busy person to another... these programs are amazing! Just try it and see!

~Extremely Satisfied Client/Alberta

Chelsey is the entire package. She supported me emotionally in finding clarity about why I, so often, sabotaged my food goals. Without judgment, Chelsey gently helped me dig deep in finding clarity about what I needed to do in order to find purpose and feel fulfilled during a transition in my life. Together, we discovered what I needed in order to feel energized and connected to myself, others and the world itself. By being open and tapping into Chelsey's compassionate guidance, I have found a new sense of vitality and joy. Chelsey gave me the courage to jump in and experience things I was fearful of doing before. She is a life coach who understands that each facet of your life affects the other parts, and she takes that approach in order for you to achieve results. Chelsey's goal is to support you in obtaining a sustainable lifestyle plan that nurtures you physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am very grateful for Chelsey's support, her knowledge, and her natural ability to connect all my life dots." 

~ Diana Reyers /Victoria, British-Columbia

For all the years I've known Chelsey she has always been passionate about health and nutrition. With her coaching and guidelines, I now have healthy, delicious, energizing smoothies & juices every day! Chelsey has taught me easy ways to have a healthier diet and overall lifestyle. So happy to have someone so passionate about health to educate me on how to get started on my own lifestyle change!

~Karla Olson /Kelowna B-C

The new habits introduced to me in Chelsey’s program really made a positive impact on my overall health. It was so easy to add them to my regular routine & the good habits took over many bad habits in my life. The addition of nuts, for example, did not only give me the extra nutritional boost, they replaced my snacking on things that were filling but not great for my body. The smoothies were really great for breakfast and made it easy to take in the veggies & fruits I often miss out on. My favorite habit was the bee pollen, not only is it good for you & a superfood but I found it was able to reduce some of my allergy symptoms. The pollen also went great with yogurt. The fitness aspect was great as well as it was short enough that it didn't feel like a chore & made my body feel fantastic. I would recommend her program to everyone. It's a great lifestyle change!

~Shamarra Cadogan/ Oakville Ontario

I like to think that I know a thing or two about healthy living and active lifestyles and I do. I am a certified Nutritionist and have been working with all types of women and men for nearly a decade now. I have seen and experienced many challenges when it comes to healthy eating habits, long-term goals, weight loss, fatigue and so on. It wasn't until I was introduced to Chelsey’s knowledge in the field that my life and others around me changed. Chelsey changed my diet. To sum it up smoothies changed my life. That may seem dramatic but it is true. Once she explained to me the concept of incorporating greens into my morning routine and when I was willing to take her words into practice everything became easier. Breakfast is easy, tastes great, lasts me all morning and my body benefits from each and every smoothie in so many ways. Because of how good I feel I have opened up my way of viewing food and changed my traditional practices drastically. No longer do I count calories, think too hard about my next meal but instead it comes pretty naturally. Chelsey’s action plan is easy and it should be; it is natural and the way we are intended to fuel our bodies. I am thankful to have met her and learn from such a well practiced, knowledgeable young woman.

~Amy k. Wilson /Kelowna B-C



How Do I Get My Essential Oils? 

Watch this video to see step-by-step how to set up your account so that your oils can be shipped directly to you.

Grab your oils here>> Click here!  Once you've set up your doterra wholesale account and placed your order, you will then receive an email from Chelsey Marie providing you with a coupon code to complete your 21-Day program enrollment. This coupon code subtracts the cost of the oils making your transaction for the program around $50.

Setting up your personal account ensures that the membership is yours for the year and that the oils are directly shipped to you hassle free, and way, way faster. Your wholesale account will allow you to purchase any future orders at wholesale cost ;) Attention: The free essentials oils kit only applies to the doterra Family Essential & Peppermint Beadlets Wholesale Kit. Non-wholesale kits are not included. You are welcome to invest in larger wholesale priced kits, however, the difference in cost will be up to you. 

What's The Refund Policy?

Because the launch of September 2019 provides you with a $200 value doterra essentials kit, there will be no refunds permitted. The 10 essential oils, wholesale membership, and program material are yours to keep forever and are non-retrievable items. I understand how scary investing in yourself can be and that fear can play a role when it comes time to take action. I also know in my heart that if you invest your time in the program you will reap the benefits and be ever so pleased.

Got questions about the program and the next enrollment date? Contact Chelsey Marie at xoxo

Don't forget to use your coupon code so you get your oils free of charge!!!

 Chelsey  Marie
Chelsey Marie

Hi there, I'm Chelsey Marie! An entrepreneur, blogger, public speaker & incurable optimistic who's dedicated to helping you push through all the crap that's holding you back. I'm here to lovingly guide you in stepping up into the super badass, untouchable force of greatness you were born to be. It all starts with feeling good and tapping into the deepest wisdom within you. That's where I come in.

As a Board Certified Health Coach (AADP), Life Coach, Metabolic Balance Coach and Supplement Specialist -I live and breathe this stuff. I've got the knowledge, tools and personal life experience to guide you in creating a foundation that makes you thrive and brings forth the absolute happiest, healthiest, most creative and fun-loving side of you into your personal and professional life every-single-day.